FaZe Clan is becoming a public company via SPAC

FaZe Clan is becoming a public company via SPAC

This story about making big moves, boiled down, in 1:13 minutes.

What's the fuss?

One of the world's most popular media and esports organizations is becoming a public company. Although not the first deal of its kind, this incredible journey shows the growth potential the industry has in the eyes of mainstream finance.

The situation

When FaZe Clan began 11 years ago, they were just a bunch of skilled Call of Duty players posting their clips to YouTube. 

That valuation will soon become $1 billion as FaZe Clan becomes a public company via merger with a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company). 

Boiling it down

A SPAC is an interesting financing vehicle, only existing on the public markets to buy another company. 

This merger may open the floodgates for similar gaming & media-related acquisitions as Wall Street and strategic operators see the industry as a prime channel to reach young audiences.

  • Despite the money pouring in, it will force these organizations to be fully transparent with their operations to the public.
  • FaZe's success hasn't come without a fair share of controversy, so it will be interesting to see if any more skeletons reach the surface due to such regulations.

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