Twitch loses streamer DrLupo to YouTube Gaming

Twitch loses streamer DrLupo to YouTube Gaming

This story about signing talent, boiled down, in 1:25 minutes.

What's the fuss?

YouTube just poached a very popular streamer from Twitch, a deal that apparently makes him "secure for life" - the price to pay for streaming supremacy.

The situation

Ben "DrLupo" Lupo is a very popular gamer. 

  • With 4.5 million followers on the streaming site Twitch, it's not uncommon to see him playing video games for thousands of viewers on any given night. 

Thanks to a multi-million dollar deal, DrLupo will now exclusively stream for YouTube's streaming service - bringing his legions of followers with him. 

  • Outside of being "secure for life" thanks to the financial terms, the streamer stated he will get to spend more time with his family by focusing on filming pre-recorded content instead of live broadcasts.
  • DrLupo made his grand entrance to his 1.76 million YouTube subscribers, which is less than his amount of Twitch followers.

Boiling it down

Twitch is winning against the likes of YouTube and Facebook when it comes to the "streaming wars" - a battle to take users away from the competition. 

The relatively low barriers to entry for anybody to stream has been a catalyst for the saturation of the space

  • This makes it much harder for wannabe streamers to garner an audience with so much competition on different platforms.
  • Given Google's (who owns YouTube) deep pockets, they are willing to sign these big names for outrageous amounts to effectively bypass the time it would take to grow their streaming audience organically.

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