Future PS4 to PS5 game upgrades will not be free

Future PS4 to PS5 game upgrades will not be free

This story about game upgrades, boiled down, in 1:15 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Public outcry has made PlayStation reverse a decision to charge for upgrading a certain game, but the company is standing firm on charging extra for future upgradeable titles.

The situation

It's already been almost a year since the newest generation of video game consoles were released. 

  • Exacerbated by the supply glut, many gamers are still stuck with previous generation game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 
  • To cater to as many gamers as possible, developers are releasing their games on both console generations, usually with the option of upgrading to the newer generation for free or for a fee.

The makers of PlayStation got in some hot water when they revealed that anyone who buys the PlayStation 4 version of Horizon Forbidden West (a highly anticipated, exclusive game) will need to pay an additional $10 for the PlayStation 5 version if they decide to upgrade down the road.

  • The decision was soon overturned following widespread criticism, making the upgrade free.
  • However, the company maintained its stance that future upgrades will incur an additional fee.

Boiling it down

Gaming is an expensive hobby

  • Thus, we try to spend as little money as possible when keeping up to date with the latest games and hardware. 
  • It's no surprise that gamers are less than enthusiastic to pay more money for essentially the same game.

On the other hand, video games are extremely expensive to make with developers and publishers alike looking to recoup their investment. 

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