PlayStation's new "Gamer Dictionary" will help broaden your gaming vocabulary

PlayStation's new

This story about gaming terminology, boiled down, in 1:07 minutes.

What's the fuss?

PlayStation has added a feature on its website that makes it much easier to look up gaming terms for the noob in all of us.

The situation

PlayStation, Sony's gaming darling, has remained a successful gaming brand ever since the launch of the PlayStation 1 in 1994.

  • Since then, 5 iterations of the PlayStation have been released with cumulative units sold around 480 million.
  • PlayStation is well known for its iconic IPs which drive sales such as God of WarRachet and Clank, and Gran Turismo.

PlayStation may soon be also known for its comprehensive gaming dictionary which impressively compiles and defines all known gaming jargon.

  • The list contains over 100 gaming-specific phrases and acronyms from "aggro" to "zoning".
  • PlayStation was also gracious enough to include in-game examples to better illustrate how these terms are used in practice.

Boiling it down

It's crazy to visualize how many gaming terms there are and how they evolved over the years.

  • Many terms on the list such as "git gud" are a bit outdated, nonetheless it is quite humourous to see them defined. 
  • The dictionary will hopefully allow non-gamers to make sense of every day gamer speak - making my job easier!

There may be a business angle here.

  • By providing non-gamers the tools to better understand the industry, it may guide their purchasing decision to favour PlayStation if they decide to dive into the world of gaming eventually.

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