Twitch finally adds feature to tell streamers why they got banned

Twitch finally adds feature to tell streamers why they got banned

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What's the fuss?

In the event a streamer is temporarily banned from Twitch, the streaming service will start providing some conditions as to why. On paper it's a welcome change, but many are considering it a lazy effort.

The situation

Twitch, which allows anyone to broadcast themselves live for people to spectate in real time, is a fascinating slice of the Internet. 

If a streamer breaks these rules, they are temporarily or permanently banned from the site depending on the severity of the offence. 

Boiling it down

Twitch lost a major lawsuit against one of its streamers, James "Phantonl0rd" Varga, for not fully disclosing the reason for his suspension. 

  • Not only did the company lose thousands, but it set a symbolic precedent for streamers to be able to challenge Twitch against these ban claims.
  • Although not confirmed, this lawsuit could have been a catalyst for introducing this notification feature.

Many users stream full-time on Twitch and rely solely on the income they earn from it, which is why even temporary bans can lead to them not making rent or putting food on the table. 

  • Because of this, many streamers are not satisfied with the feature since it doesn't relay helpful specifics on why the banned streamer was punished, only touching upon what video was in violation.

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