Twitch deincentivizes gambling streams by restricting promotion

Twitch deincentivizes gambling streams by restricting promotion

This story about virtual gambling as underage entertainment, boiled down, in 1:38 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Twitch, the online streaming platform, has cracked down on gambling-related streams amidst public outcry to curb the glorification of gambling to young audiences. Many are saying these efforts do not suffice.

The situation

Virtual casinos have existed since 1996, however they have lately seen a surge in popularity concurrent with the normalization of cryptocurrency usage.

Twitch has taken action against these types of streams by prohibiting sharing links and/or referral codes from these virtual casinos, with the hopes to disincentivize further gambling streams.

  • This action follows other popular streamers calling Twitch out for allowing these gambling streams to go live in front of millions of impressionable underage viewers.
  • Despite the changes, many are calling the move "a lame half measure" and that it doesn't completely eliminate the problem.

Boiling it down

41% of Twitch's daily audience of 15 million daily active users is 16 - 24 years of age, with 32% being 25 - 34 years old.

Although Twitch has had a record breaking year partly due to COVID-19, the streaming platform has also faced a record breaking year of disgruntled users.

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