Multiplayer-focused Battlefield 2042 is a pivot for the series

Multiplayer-focused Battlefield 2042 is a pivot for the series

This story about ditching single player, boiled down, in 1:43 minutes.

What's this fuss?

It's been 3 long years since since we've received a new Battlefield game, which is why this year's newest entry is so hotly anticipated. However, the game seems to be a departure from the franchise's prior titles.

The situation

The "ultimate" gaming convention, E3, is (virtually) back this year to give gamers a sneak peek of what's to come from their favourite studios and franchises. 

Battlefield 2042, set to release this October, has taken an unexpected departure from previous games in the series. 

  • This entry will be the first since 2006's Battlefield 2142 where a single player story mode will not be available and will take place in the future (most Battlefield games take place in the past or modern day). 
  • Additionally, the game won't feature a battle-royale mode (think Fortnite) despite how trendy it is. Let's hope the recent hack of the game's publisher doesn't add another unexpected surprise.

Boiling it down

Tech companies are popular targets for hackers. 

  • Possessing a treasure trove of customer data, consistently working on top-secret projects, and having deep pockets are why so many gaming companies have faced this situation at one time or another. 
  • In this case, the hackers stole and auctioned off the publisher's "source code" for its games, which would technically allow the buyer to reverse-engineer and plagiarize their products.

Although millions of gamers still enjoy single player campaigns where players follow a narrative-driven story on their own, these types of games are arguably in decline

  • Not only do more gravitate to multiplayer games where they can play with friends and compete with others, but gaming companies can heavily monetize these types of games. 
  • Although it's dubious to attribute such reasoning to Battlefield 2042, perhaps it was the public backlash of politicizing 2018's Battlefield 5's WW2 campaign that has them hesitant.

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