Alone on Valentine's Day? Instead of Tinder, maybe try an online video game

Alone on Valentine's Day? Instead of Tinder, maybe try an online video game

This story about finding love in video games, boiled down, in 1:50 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Online games aren't just about battling monsters with your pals. Gamers have gone on dates and have even gotten married in video games, sometimes leading to real life relationships. 

The situation

MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online game) are exactly what they sound like - online games that have large player bases. Examples you may have heard of include World of Warcraft (114 million total players) and Roblox (150 million total players), housing gamers all across the globe. MMOs have evolved quite a bit since the 90's, implementing sophisticated features such as stock markets and real estate ownership to revitalize player engagement.

Of course, with worlds boasting massive populations, being social with other players is a key aspect. It's inevitable that some of these virtual relationships become real. Take Kiera and Juan for example, gamers from Melbourne and San Francisco respectively. After a couple of years of levelling up together in the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, they decided to meet with each other in person.

"We were both really nervous the first time I went to San Francisco... But after a couple of hours we felt very comfortable around each other. We went out, explored the city, and during the downtime we would just relax and I would watch him play video games."

Kiera and Juan have been together for 7 years now, using Final Fantasy to help bolster their long-term relationship. Perhaps it's not impossible to find love in a "COVID" place.

Boiling it down

The interactivity found in video games is a fantastic breeding ground to establish and energize relationships. After all, slaying a gargantuan dragon together surely can be more exciting than a walk around the block. Within the social confines of the pandemic, video games can give couples something exhilarating to do, especially when apart.

Online games also provides single people with great opportunities to meet potential romantic partners, notably for individuals who aren't into traditional online dating. These games are safe spaces where one doesn't need to show their true face if they don't want to. Whether or not the virtual relationship transitions to face-to-face as per Kiera and Juan, it's the will to make it work that makes all the difference.

Want to give it a try? If so, it's important to consider what you want out of the experience. Adventure? Play sports? Or just be social? In addition, are you willing to pay some real-life cash or would you prefer keeping your wallet shut? In any case, it's important to do your research before your journey to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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