Grammys finally add a video game category

Grammys finally add a video game category

This story about recognizing musical achievement in gaming, boiled down, in 1:10 minutes.

What's the fuss?

The ultimate award in music is finally recognizing video game soundtracks as an important subset of sound.

The situation

Each year, the Recording Academy hand out awards to the world's best musical artists and composers in a large spectacle.

The Grammys announced a slew of new categories for its upcoming award show - including Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media.

  • The specific award is dedicated to "excellence in score soundtracks and albums comprised predominately of original scores."
  • Only soundtracks created specifically for video games released within the qualification period will be eligible.

Boiling it down

This isn't the first time video game music has been recognized by the Recording Academy.

Although a video game-centric category is long overdue, its creation may be a response to declining viewership for the awards show.

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