Xbox is working on a device to play Xbox games without an Xbox

Xbox is working on a device to play Xbox games without an Xbox

This story about gaming's potential future, boiled down, in 1:06 minutes.

What's the fuss?

Microsoft is reportedly making tech that could render their consoles somewhat unneeded, but this is likely a distant future.

The situation

Since the release of the original Xbox in 2001, Microsoft has been a staple name in video games.

Microsoft is apparently moving towards a console-less future with a supposed device being internally developed and kept under wraps.

  • Codenamed "Keystone", this dongle would connect to any modern television and would allow the user to play Xbox games directly through the Internet.
  • Such a product is still many years away, and Microsoft themselves have stated they may alter their plans for the product in the years to come.

Boiling it down

We have technically already reached this "console-free" future, but barely.

Cloud gaming really only works if the user has a superb internet connection.

  • To the average person, cloud gaming is often a non-ideal unstable experience compared to playing games inherently on hardware.
  • This keystone would hopefully have capabilities that would make cloud gaming just as smooth as console gaming.

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