Netflix Games is live on all mobile devices, and it looks promising

Netflix Games is live on all mobile devices, and it looks promising

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What's the fuss?

Netflix Games' trial run has ended and has fully launched worldwide. Although the scope of the service has started small, it has a promising future.

The situation

Netflix Games, Netflix's mobile gaming service, first did a test run in Poland earlier this year.

  • Android users were able to download and play Netflix published games for free, with no ads or microtransactions, as long as they were already regular Netflix subscribers.
  • Although no official results were published as a result of that trial, it may be safe to assume its success given the service's recent worldwide expansion.

Netflix subscribers worldwide are now able to access Netflix Games with either an Android or iOS device.

Boiling it down

Netflix clearly recognizes gamers as a desirable subset of its audience. 

With no ads or microtransactions attached to their games, Netflix may see their gaming service as a way to retain subscribers rather than a cash grab.

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