Gamers force Marvel's Avengers to remove its "time-savers"

Gamers force Marvel's Avengers to remove its

This story about promises, boiled down, in 1:34 minutes.

What's the fuss?

A video game based off of the world's most famous superhero team caught flack for implementing features gamers could pay for to "save them time". Well, they are no more thanks to fans.

The situation

You would think that an action video game centred on Marvel's Avengers would be just as good as the movie. 

Due to intense backlash from fans, the developer of the game has removed these microtransactions from being purchasable. 

  • These "time saving" features will only be available to earn through regular gameplay.
  • Gamers have rejoiced over this change, however have taken the opportunity to bring to light other areas of improvement.

Boiling it down

In the game, players take control of their favourite Avenger and level them up through fighting enemies - or through their wallets. 

  • You may think that the former would be the obvious choice for players...
  • ...but when the game purposefully makes it harder for their heroes to level up, frustrated players will resort to paying more money to pick up the pace.

Players were extra livid when these type of microtransactions were first introduced, because the developer promised they wouldn't introduce them in the first place.

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