Gamer in your household? Add a Huvudspelare from IKEA's upcoming new gaming collection

Gamer in your household? Add a Huvudspelare from IKEA's upcoming new gaming collection

This story about IKEA's upcoming line of gaming furniture, boiled down, in 1:18 minutes.

What's the fuss?

After many years of development, IKEA will release their new line of gaming furniture to the world come October. With so many others companies with similar product offerings, will gamers be receptive to this new step for the company?

The situation

IKEA has diversified their traditional lineup of furniture to expand into accessories such as specialized gaming chairs, gaming desks, mousepads, a wooden hand to hold a headset, and a pillow with pockets to keep your hands warm. 

Given this is IKEA's first foray into gaming accessories, they've partnered up with Asus's Republic of Gamers (a PC-gaming company) in order to develop products that gamers will be receptive to - and likely to gain some street cred, too. Currently on sale in China, IKEA will soon be launching the lineup in Japan and the rest of the world in October.

Gamers may be interested in the gaming desk Uppsepel (pictured), which costs $556 USD for the 55 x 31.5 inch model and includes motorized stand/sit features and an integrated charging port. Alternatively, for $102 USD the Utespelare gaming chair touts ample ergonomics and customizability for a superior gaming experience.

Boiling it down

China is a great test market to evaluate new gaming products. Out of the country's population of 1.4 billion, approximately 720 million are gamers and growing year-over-year. In addition, a overwhelming majority of Chinese citizens aged 18 to 35 are gamers. Not only are there so many gamers in this region, but they spend a lot as well - Asia accounted for $78.3 billion in global video games revenues in 2020.

IKEA isn't the only company that knows this, which makes China a very competitive scene for gaming products. In fact, almost every gaming chair from every brand is made and sold in China. If IKEA can successfully navigate industry incumbents such as DXRacer, they'll likely feel more confident in their expansion outside of Asia.

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